Hi Doll! Welcome to Shop Barbu.
Shop Barbu launched in 2018 from a vision Natalie has had for years. Natalie has always been a girl who strived to express herself through her personal style. Whether she was showcasing her wardrobe on the streets, on her YouTube channel, or through some Instagram selfies- she didn't want to hide it. Barbu became a reality when Natalie realized a dream wasn't enough- it was time to make it come true. 

Natalie always got her inspiration from her travels. In New York City, she loved the confidence every person walking by had no matter what they were wearing. In Los Angeles, she was drawn to the effortless look every girl seemed to be owning. In Barcelona, the people were chic, yet laid back and trendy. Everywhere she went, she left a piece of herself there and yet took some of them back with her. 

The #BarbuDoll cannot be defined by one style. She can be edgy, yet girly. She can be elegant and effortless. She wears what she feels. She can pull off anything. She feels good in what she has on and cannot wait to let the world see. 

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